WHAT! Hello again – 3 days in a row. Smooth. (Seriously – I did write this on Saturday, not Sunday – just posting it late!)

I was so thankful to read a post by Alisa Nelson on her blog Becoming a Nelson (seriously delightful) about her plan to undertake what she calls Project 52 (originally from styleberry Blog). I still have to read a bit more about what it entails, but from what I was able to gather, the goal of Project 52 is to practice becoming a ‘do-er.’ This is absolutely an area in which I struggle. I am such a passive person, loving peace, quiet, and oozing through life about as quickly as molasses. (I just had a vision of myself as Jungle Book’s Kaa – pretty accurate, actually) My calmness is not inherently a negative thing. In fact, I’m generally quite happy with who I am in that regard. However – I KNOW I could gain so much by examining my life and actions to see how I might live more intentionally – and then actually put it into practice.

Anywho – I think I will give this thing a shot. I’ll share more once I understand what I’m doing a little better.

The first week’s to do: Examine habits (Oh Lordy – this is going to be an eye opener. Probably not overly pleasant, either.)

Phew – it feels good to have a bit of purpose to this blog!

Also – today I got my hair cut! I will share a picture soon!