For Thanksgiving, we visited Red Wing, Minnesota. It was delightful.

Bird’s Eye View of Red Wing (sort of )

I managed to score my hubby and me the Rose Garden Room at the Candlelight Inn for the low price of $58.99. Um…this room normally goes for $190/night! Really…Score! The single catch to this extraordinary deal was that we had to stay sometime between Sunday and Thursday…no weekends allowed. So, of course, the logical choice was to stay the night before Thanksgiving – the nearest weekday holiday in sight.

(Is it a sign that my husband is pulling me over to the dark side of nerd-dom if the first thing I thought of when I typed the word ‘logical’ was Spock? Hmm…let’s pretend that didn’t actually happen.)

It’s true we were hosting Thanksgiving the next day for the FIRST TIME and, for that reason, escaping for a night away was, quite possibly, not the brightest decision.  Lovely Red Wing is only 1 short hour from our home in St. Paul, however, so we went for it.

We arrived in town over two hours before check-in time, so we decided to park and wander aimlessly through surrounding neighborhoods. I truly could not think of any other way I would prefer to spend my time than walking with my husband through streets of beautiful old houses. I felt so completely content.