My love for (err…obsession with) itty bitty dwellings began around the 8th or 9th grade at a Threshing Show in Nowthen, MN.   I’m not sure of the story behind it, but onsite is a tiny restored cabin for visitors to wander through.  “Wander” may not be the right word – visitors could step in, take in the entire living space in one look, and back out of the doorway for the next person.  The front door led into a combined living/eating area.  A ladder in the left corner of the room gave access to a sleeping loft.  The only other room in the house was a kitchen on the left-side (you can see it in the picture below).  It was so TINY!  11 children had been raised in this house.  Yes, you read that correctly…just one shy of an even dozen.  My Pappaw and I guesstimated the size by walking around the outside, but I’ve forgotten the dimensions (maybe 15’x10′?).

Nowthen Cabin

From the moment I stepped into that tiny place, I knew I wanted an itty bitty house…one petite enough that people driving past would glance back to be sure they had actually seen something.  There are so many wonderful benefits to living in a small house – less expensive to heat/cool; easier to keep clean; less room available to become a pack-rat; less expensive in general; less land occupied by a house… Small houses, because they don’t have much room for storage, force inhabitants to be mindful of everything they own.  It becomes obvious just what items are necessities and what things are useless encumbrances.  The idea of a small house and fewer material things just feels so…cleansing and freeing.  Thinking about larger homes just stresses me out!

I also think a tiny house all covered in flowers and trees would attract fairies?  What do you think??

At the moment, my husband and I live in a 750 sq. ft. apartment in St. Paul.  I love this place, but I have been so excited to realize that it is too large for us! One of our rooms is not even used!  We can definitely afford to downsize 🙂

Recently, I discovered the tiny house blog.  As the name implies, it’s all about tiny living spaces!  Most of the people who contribute stories to this blog are way way way more hardcore than I am (120 sq. ft. homes – I’m not even kidding!)  This is a great resource for ideas and networking with others who are also interested in leading a more simple, stuff-less lifestyle.