One Tiny Texas House - San Augustine

this tiny house has room enough.

the worn door and four weathered walls
tried and (found) true,
rescued out of brokenness
and disrepair
embrace the present and future of two
newly joined;
a pair desiring to live quietly
an example,
to learn the beauty and ability
of experience
of solid wholeness from
shattered pieces.

this tiny house has room enough
to free resources and anxieties
to do for others;
to exchange the suffocation
of stuff
for experience
for true growth.

this tiny house makes room
for generous giving –
shoves out selfish collecting;

shrugging the cumbersome
of consumerism from its shoulders.
it distrusts the stale air that
in its simplicity it admonishes a tendency
to turn inward,
against snatching and grasping after the
deadness of things.

in this house, there is room

I started this poem to enter a competition at this site.  Tiny Texas Houses is AMAZING!  They’re all about reducing our carbon footprint by building tiny homes from salvaged materials.  The grand prize for answering the question “How would owning this Tiny Texas House inspire you” was…an entire tiny house 🙂